Sri Lanka – Travel: 10 reasons to visit. part1


  1. Sri Lanka – weather. When we visited the west coast of the island in February and March, it was mostly pleasantly hot and sunny. For several days there were variable rains, that did not hinder our plans. Since on these days we arranged excursions, it turned out that while we were driving in the car, it was raining, and when we went out for a walk, it stopped.

  1. Sri Lanka – animals. Peacocks, monkeys, iguanas and elephants crossing the road are a common sight in Sri Lanka. Everywhere, on every scrap of earth everything moves, eats and breeds. In addition to the squirrels, crabs, birds and palm rats that visited our garden, a huge earth monitor lizard lived on the roof. According to the Buddhist believe, he brings happiness to the house, and from the pragmatic point of view he simply eats scorpions, rats and other evil creatures.
    At night you can still see turtles crawling out of the ocean to lay eggs on the beach. We were very lucky to witness small turtles hatching.


  1. Sri Lankan history. We visited several architectural and historic places: Galle, Kandy, Dambulla, but most of all I was struck by Sigiriya. Scientists suspect that on the site of this 5th century rock fortress was parked a hang glider. 600 feet climb to the top was so interesting, that our four-year-old daughter went up 1200 steps by herself to see the murals, the throne of the king and the splendid view from above. After that we carried her down in our arms, of course.


  1. Sri Lankan spices. We walked through the picturesque gardens where spices grow and witnessed the process of making the fresh health-enhancing ointments, pills and oils. I have to admit that I’m a longtime admirer of Ayurvedic medicine. As always, at first I try everything on myself, therefore in a couple of months I will write a review on which of the medicine I bought gave the desired result.
  2. Sri Lankan food. Our magnificent mistress pampered us with new dishes every morning. If you like curry, grilled fish and seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits, you will enjoy Sri Lankan cuisine. It took us some time to figure out how to order in restaurants, in order we get exactly what we want, but we were pleasantly surprised by the freshness and new tastes.
    By the way, in Sri Lanka, for understandable reasons, even poor people eat only freshly prepared meals. And in every small town they have several bakeries, which explains why the local population is slightly rounded.

    In terms of losing weight, if you don’t stop by the bakeries and do not order pizza in restaurants, vacation in Sri Lanka is a great opportunity to lose excess pounds, enjoying various salads and seafood. Also there is a huge number of establishments preparing smoothies from fresh vegetables and fruits. I tried very hard, but I think that I tried one quarter of the local fruits.




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