Sri Lanka – Travel: 10 reasons to visit. part2


  1. Sri Lanka – ocean. The temperature of the water is similar to the temperature of the air, and it’s easy to swim for hours. You can find beaches for every taste: for surfing or swimming, the water is turquoise and transparent  everywhere.

  1. Buddhist temples of Sri Lanka. I was overwhelmed by the sense of peace emanating from the buddhist sanctuaries. Thanks to our hospitable Taranga and Kanisha, we attended a Buddhist consecration ceremony, where we met traditional Lankan musicians and monks, which was an unforgettable experience by itself.

  1. Tea plantations of Sri Lanka. Lankan tea used to be known throughout the world as Ceylon. You can’t miss the scenic tea plantations, which are spread throughout the island. On many of which they still manually process and collect tea. I really enjoyed the delicate taste of the virgin white tea, which contains 10.11% of antioxidants, helping to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and slowing down the aging process. It’s expensive and it’s worth it.


  1. Activities in Sri Lanka: Surfing, swimming, national park safaris, hiking, yoga, jogging, scuba diving, sightseeing, climbing and antiquities. We did all of the above. Thus, we returned to Montreal renewed and full of strength. We also brought with us the most beautiful photographs.

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  1. Good people. It seemed to me that, maybe because of the protracted civil war, the island and its inhabitants are not badly spoiled by tourism yet. I do not consider it reasonable to generalize the entire population under some definition, but we mostly came across lovely and good-hearted people. Of course, on the very first day the tuk-tuk driver took a triple price from us. But we decided that this was a fee for the first lesson, took into account the peculiarities of local tourism rules, and henceforth we paid a reasonable price everywhere.

We were very lucky to find exactly what we were looking for: A small eco villa in a quiet fishing village. The owners of Weligama Bay Eco Villa were so nice and hospitable, that we stayed with them for the whole stay in Sri Lanka.

It was very interesting to observe the young Buddhist family in action. With all the everyday routine stress involving small children, tourists, business and household, both spouses were always in a good mood with a great smile on their faces.. They have a very respectful attitude towards children, our four-year-old daughter was happy to play, swim and eat freshly harvested fruit along with the children of the owners.

The trip to mines where precious stones are extracted, as well as many other interesting sights, we decided to leave for the next time. So to be continued))).