How can I lose weight?

How can I lose weight? I often hear this question from my clients. And since I cannot immediately, without understanding the situation, answer it, I ask counter-questions:

-How much weight do you need to lose?

– 20 pounds?

– How long ago did you put this weight on?

– During the pregnancy with your daughter, who is now 16 years old?

– And how did you try to lose weight before you started working with me?

– Dieting?

– Exercise?

– Cleansing?

– Pills?

– Anti-cellulite pants?

– So you’ve been trying to lose 20 pounds for 16 years now?

And then I say the phrase, in return for which I get the look of a suicide bomber:

– And you won’t be able to lose weight.

Often we don’t understand the impact of words and how negatively they can affect our consciousness. Lose weight. What do you hear? Lose.

A hundred years ago a beautiful woman was considered to be the one with round forms, while a skinny woman was considered to be ugly, unhealthy. Our grandmothers tried to stuff us with lots of pies, so that we put on weight, otherwise we were “skin and bones”.

Sounds familiar to you? These words and images are rooted in our subconscious. And, if we add our childhood experience of sitting over a cold plate at dinner because “you will not be excused from the table until you finish your meal!” or “shame on you for wasting food away!” and other words that were engraved deep in our minds, then our subconscious mind will never want to help us in achieving our goal. And as a result we will always fail with diets and stuff ourselves with half of the cake at home.

“Losing weight” or “losing fat” also suggest  a negative result, because we usually lose something valuable, while we drop or throw away something unnecessary.


So what to do? How to lose weight?

  1. Stop using words that have a negative influence. Instead of “lose weight” say “slim down” or another verb comfortable to you. Instead of “I want to lose 20 pounds” say “I want to drop 20 pounds”. It is better that your words reflect the positive change for health and beauty.
  2. Talk to a coach or a therapist about your childhood eating habits.
  3. Make up a nutrition and exercise plan, which you can easily follow.


And for those who want fabulous results, I suggest you fill out this questionnaire, so that I can analyze your situation and recommend the steps to take to achieve your ideal weight.

And what happened to my client, who tried to lose “20  pounds of fat for 16 years”? Immediately after we launched the wellness program specific to her, she dropped one kilogram in the first week.

With love,

Irina Cazazaeva

Author of the Hollywood Body program