3 Things to do to lose weight fast at home

Remember the Biggest Loser show? Where men and women with excess body weight were put on a strict diet and exercise course? And the person who shed the most pounds was the winner of the season. Just that easy, right? Now it is The Biggest Loser Study. “After 6 years, most subjects regained a significant amount of the weight lost during the competition…”

Which demonstrates that just putting a person with excess body fat on a cookie-cutter diet and exercise regimen is not a solution to weight gain epidemic.


If you are experiencing problems losing the excess body fat or keeping the weight off than this journey to healthier body has likely turned into a nightmare filled with yo-yo diets, deprivation, intermittent fasting, cleanses, exhausting exercise. (((hugs)))

Healthy weight loss and hormone imbalance

For some lucky women this old weight lost formula: Less calories in + more calories out works. For myself, and many other women, it doesn’t.

My client Annie before coming to me tried every diet and every type of exercises available to get rid of her pregnant looking belly and excess pounds. Like most of the people, who wanted to lose weight, she went to the specialists in this area: doctors, fitness instructors and dieticians.

While cosmetic surgeons were the worst: Getting rid of cosmetic nuisance of fat couldn’t resolve the primary cause of the issue. Fitness instructor was making her perform the same boring intense cardio for at least 45 minutes three times a week. Annie was drench-sweating, beet-red and out of breath for the most part of the exercise. That was a sign of progress for the fitness instructor. And when she complained that she was very tired for the rest of the day after the workout he answered: ”Your body is getting used to the training”. Sounds familiar?

But in the whole 6 months she lost only 5 pounds. Because during exercise Annie was burning calories from her muscles glycogen, she had a natural craving for carbs after the training and consumed too many of them. Counting 1200 calories a day suggested by the dietitian stressed Annie to the point of a nervous breakdown. And since she was hungry practically all day, she gave into sugar cravings at night, feeling enormously guilty after. Bottom line too much of her hard work produced little results.

The truth is, losing weight is hard when you have hormone imbalance. In fact, In the United States, 36.5 percent of adults are obese. Another 32.5 percent of American adults are overweight. In all, more than two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese. Weight gain is a real epidemic around the world. So, you’re not alone. Although, that likely provides little comfort as you are going through this painful realization.

The problem is that previously scientists misunderstood the role of fat in the body. It’s not “a reserve of calories” we were taught in biology classes. The new fact is fat (WAT white adipose tissue) is no longer considered only an energy storage tissue but a major endocrine organ, that produces hormones, when the original endocrine system is failing.

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Why is losing weight so hard

The simple answer…whacky hormones. We have to stop thinking of weight loss as “calories in and calories out” process. Fat storage as well as fat melting is a hormonal biochemical processes.

We are constantly flooded with things that throw our hormones out of balance:

  • processed foods,
  • lack of key nutrients,
  • pesticides, stress,
  • hormone-disrupting chemicals, and much much more.

This creates hormone imbalances.


If you think about it you’ve probably had signs of a hormone imbalance all along:

  • Fatigue,
  • heavy, painful and/or irregular periods,
  • bad PMS symptoms, hormonal acne,
  • hypothyroid,
  • mood swings,
  • depression, etc.

Many of us started taking birth control at a very young age to deal with our “menstruation issues”. But, like so many other treatments, this just masks the symptoms instead of treating the actual cause.

You see hormonal imbalance creates a circle: Fat tissue also produces estrogen, that’s why many overweight women often have problems with PMS, menstrual cycle and have difficulties getting pregnant.

The initial reason for hormonal imbalance might have been poor diet and nutrition or stress which followed by iodine deficiency. And the white fat tissue is growing bigger to supply all of the missing hormones, producing excess estrogen which creates even more imbalance.

Usually after balancing the hormones the person body comes to a normal weight naturally.

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3 Things to do to lose weight fast at home

If you have tried different methods to lose weight and they haven’t worked… or if you are struggling to keep the weight off or you have that pregnant looking tummy… then you’re probably ready for natural hormone balancing alternatives.

The good news is you can rebalance your hormones and get rid of the excess pounds naturally. *Finally some good news! Fist pump!*

Rebalancing your hormones naturally takes some patience and some work. But, there are a few things you can do to get started.

  1. If you haven’t already, download you’re FREE 3-Day Flat Tummy Challenge now For some women following those 3 simple steps can solve the issue. This challenge contains answers to some of the most common issues with bloated tummies and bases for hormone balancing weight loss.
  2. Get rid of processed foods Recent research provides fairly consistent support for the association of ultra-processed food intake with obesity Stay away from junk food chains, packaged food, learn how to read the labels, so the food you eat contains less chemicals.
  3. Choose complex carbohydrates. Studies show blood sugar balance and insulin resistance are a major contributor to weight gain. To improve your blood sugar balance and insulin sensitivity choose quality carbohydrates (such as whole grains, whole fruits, and vegetables) and reduce the amount of sugar you eat.

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Weight loss is overwhelming, hard and frustrating. There is nothing more wearing than desperately trying to do all the right things for your body and watching your scale reading go up. Diet and exercise are the answer for some women, but definitely not all. If you’re someone who hasn’t been helped by doctors, dietitians, fitness instructors or these options just don’t feel right for you, there are other methods. Many women get to their ideal body weight without diet or exhaustive exercise after rebalancing their hormones through intuitive nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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