As you know, counting calories is a method widely used by nutritionists to understand how much food is needed for healthy eating. You can find calorie spreadsheets on all the packaged food items in the supermarket. And with all of the information available, it’s still quite complicated to figure it how much to eat. How did we live before we started counting calories?

The history of what, how and where calorie counting started is very interesting: What is a calorie? A unit measuring the heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of water one degree Celsius. The term was introduced by the French chemist, Nicolas Clement-Desmier (1779-1841). Please pay attention to the century he lived in.

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One day my friend I hadn’t seen for many years called. He was beaming with excitement. He dumbfounded me with the news he had just left the hospital after suffering  heart attack. I remembered he suffered from obesity ten years ago, and I  thought that he must be quite ill now. I told him I was happy his life was saved. And he replied that he was going to celebrate … his heart attack! He said he had no intention of getting rid of any extra pounds, because now he qualified for full disability benefits, and as he no longer needed to work, he could watch TV for days on end.

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How can I lose weight? I often hear this question from my clients. And since I cannot immediately, without understanding the situation, answer it, I ask counter-questions:

-How much weight do you need to lose?

– 20 pounds?

– How long ago did you put this weight on?

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