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Svetlana - minus 12 pounds

"My girlfriends were making fun of me, when I signed up for a coaching consultation with Irina. Now they envy me."

If you need to lose 20, 40 or even 100 lbs or more; and if you’ve tried and failed at dieting, exercising, detoxing and other techniques; it means your physiological FAT Switch is on and your body thinks it needs excess weight in order to keep you safe.

The problem…

In your head, you desperately want to be thin and you try everything—diets, exercises, pills and even deprivation—but your body fights back with cravings that are out of your control.

It’s as if your body wants to be fat.

If you’re experiencing this struggle now, the bad news is that it just gets worse and worse. If you don’t find a solution, you’ll most-likely continue to gain weight and your health will decline with each passing year.

But …there is a solution. And it’s not like anything you’ve ever tried before. The approach you’re about to learn is safe, natural medically-endorsed and scientifically-accurate.

Irina Cazazaeva - lost 30 pounds

156 lbs - 2001


123 lbs - 2003


I intuitively taught myself how to stop overeating over 10 years ago and lost 30 pounds, which NEVER came back. My husband, whom I met after my battle with weight was over, thinks that I am a naturally thin person. Even when I got pregnant, I put on exactly 25 pounds needed for healthy development of my baby, and by the time she was 9 months old, I easily returned to my slim figure. My method is not about extreme diet and exercise. Elements of my system is practiced by many therapists, doctors and coaches around the world.


We address the basic source of the problem and create the balance between mind, body and emotions.

Regardless of your age and background, your weight loss will be natural and enjoyable.

Overeating is a symptom, not the cause of your weight gain.

Imagine that:

  • You can become a naturally thin person
  • You will prefer healthy foods instead of junk
  • You can will be fit for the rest of your life

When I was 14 years old, I learned that my body type is not of a “skinny” type and became obsessed with my body image. I alternated diet and fasting until my mom died, and I became anorexic. When I went travelling to Europe and could not stop eating, I became bulimic. I travelled to the United States, where I was diagnosed with depression and was put on antidepressants to help me control my eating disorders.

Dieting only made me fatter. Many doctors agree now that, when we reduce the daily calories intake, our bodies goes into a famine mode, hormonal biochemistry becomes unbalanced and learns how to store fat better. That’s when the Yo-Yo effect starts and we gain more weight after we go off the diet.

I also tried to get slim by exercising. Jogging for an hour and a half only made me hungrier and more tired than usual for the whole day. I seemed to lose a couple of pounds a week and then they returned over the weekend, as I was eating more. Well, now I know how to exercise to lose fat and energize my body.

I remember my last diet, I bought Dr. Atkins’ trendy book “New diet revolution” and in a weird way it revolutionised my approach to food. I remember how hungry I was right after eating my protein and fat rich breakfast. All I could think of was carbs, I saw pasta and bread everywhere, it drove me nuts, I ran out of the classroom, went to a convenience store and bought myself a milk chocolate bar to calm myself down. And then I bought more milk chocolate bars. As I failed with Atkins diet, like I did with many others, I could not stop eating carbs, I gained 10 pounds in two weeks. The feeling of total failure overpowered me. To me it meant the end, if I can’t control my appetite, how can be in control of my life?


And then I decided to find my own solution, I read books, more books, learned, tried different solutions. And at the end I found my own system, which allowed me to lose the 20 extra pounds I was fighting since 14 years old. I even went off the antidepressants and never looked back.

Here’re success stories from the people that used Hollywood body method


Bella 25 years old minus 10 pounds

"When I started working with Irina, my problem was compulsive eating at night. I was a bit skeptical that working with a weight management coach would resolve my problem. I was previously рut on antidepressants by my doctor to help me fight stress and stop the compulsive eating, but it did not help, I still stuffed my face at night. Irene was very understanding, since she went through the same problems herself. During the course of three-months coaching program I understood what was wrong with my eating habits and started changing right from the get go. I can sincerely say that my problem is gone, I don’t have the need to fight stress by eating any more. I exercise regularly, sleep and eat well. I understand that my body is precious and the only body I have right here right now. I want to take good care of my body.

Thank you!"

Аlexandrine - 69 years old - lost 20 pounds in 3 months

"I was obese. At my first consultation with Irina my weight was at 250 pounds. My problem was discouragement in weight loss, I have tried all the different diets and even stomach reduction surgery, nothing worked.

When I considered working with Irina, my reservations were that it would be another project without success, I was hopeful and at the same time disbelieving.

My results are: after 3 months of coaching I weigh 230 pounds; I lost 20 pounds in 3 months, I feel so much lighter; an incredible change in re-alignment to life, it’s like a button being reset to get into good habits. I am not bothered by my weight problems any more. I don’t see myself as an unhappy woman, I am on a great journey of understanding my body needs and taking the best care of it.

Dear Irene, there is something wonderful within you - It is your honesty, respect, empathy and sincere desire to help. I am so grateful to have your help and encouragement as I follow your wise advise. I have hope and a true belief that I can indeed grow, change, no matter my age.

Thank you dear Irina."

Arthur Buakarchuk

“In the beginning there was an expectation of something new. The sessions were very emotional for me, I cried. The most valuable things I got from the sessions was the understanding of hidden processes of my mind I never noticed. Before the coaching sessions I thought it was normal for me to “arrive last in the competition of life”. Now I am more proactive, I have more energy and achieve my goals faster. I would advise people to use coaching, it allows to see yourself differently and change behaviour before it’s too late. Irina, thank you for your magic push, it helped me a lot.”


Marina Vasylieva 54 years old

“I went to several coaching sessions with Irina. I had many problems to resolve. I was starting as an entrepreneur for the first time in my life, and many psychological problems reactivated.  

Irina, thank you so much!!!!

The truth is that I was very sceptical about coaching, that it could help me with my psychological issues. But it did!

You so carefully digged out all of my core negative beliefs, got rid of them and filled me with new affirmations. What I found out about myself was so unbelievable. How did I live my whole life before?        

We started with my inner refusal to exercise, and then got into understanding that my self sabotage is on safety guard. My inner child was afraid that I would hurt myself.

And my belief that God doesn’t love me. I lived with it till you helped me get rid of it.

My body felt so much lighter. Several days after I restarted my yoga exercises with great pleasure. I thank you for my new mindfulness and pleasure I found in life. I will definitely continue working with you.”


IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT that you can’t lose weight

Our bodies are much more complicated than calories in and out count. It’s like trying to treat alcoholism with “just drink less” statement.

If you need help to lose excess weight, fill out the questionnaire and get the Group or Private Fat Loss Coaching with Irina, treating the core of the problem.


Hollywood body

  • Is not about restrictions 
    Is not a diet
    Is not just an exercise program
    Does not offer a magic pill
    Is not about your will power


After you fill out your questionnaire, if you qualify, my assistant will contact you for a one-on-one consultation with me and send you a medical history form to fill out.


What is included in the Private Fat Loss Coaching

2 - Weekly one-on-one sessions with Irina, we will switch your body into naturally slim mode together - Value of $197/hour

Access to Irina’s Weekly Office Hours Phone Calls up to 5 times a week- Value of $500/month

2018 - 2019 Goal Achieving Planner - Value of $40 (online version)

Unlimited Access to online Support Group for 1 year - Value of $40/month

Unlimited email support for 1 year - Value of $40/month

Now accepting 3 applications  - I want to make sure you get the attention you deserve

What is included in the Group Fat Loss Coaching

2 - Weekly sessions with Irina in a group of like-minded individuals - Value of $97/hour

2018 - 2019 Goal Achieving Planner - Value of $40 (online version)

Unlimited Access to online Support Group for 1 year - Value of $40/month

Unlimited email support for 1 year - Value of $40/month

Now accepting 5 applications  - Group number  is limited ensure the quality of the program

Important! I am not going to work with you if:

  1. If you are not ready to pay, you are not ready to work for your results. Let’s not waste our time.
  2. If during our consultation you will tell me “There are cheaper coaches”, I will not work with you. You can always find someone cheaper. I don’t measure my work by hour, I measure it by your result.
  3. If during our work together you miss the consultations or come late, if you don’t follow our suggestions, we leave the right to stop working with you.

But if you decided that you want to lose weight and improve your health with us, feel free to answer our the questionnaire

I give you the right tools, information and motivation, but the work and responsibility for the results are yours. If you are not ready to take the responsibility for your health yet, there is unfortunately no person on Earth, who can help you.