Detox Program

Detox Program 

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These are some signs that you need to cleanse. If you are experiencing:

• Weight gain

• Swollen hands or feet

• Water retention


• Breast swelling or tenderness

• Headaches

• Irritability

• Anxiety

• Swelling around the abdomen

• Cravings

• Poor Digestion

• Allergies

• Rashes

• Itching skin

You can go to work and continue with all of your everyday activities during your cleansing at home. And while there will be some diet restrictions you will be eating regular meals.

This detox program is right for you if you want to:

• be healthy regardless the age and your initial health conditions

• teach your loved ones to be healthy

• want to learn how to enjoy vigour, energy and longevity throughout whole life

The purpose of the Detox Program

Cleansing on the cellular level

Better absorption of the nutrients you intake

Ph balance

Intestines healing

Regeneration of the nervous system

Stimulate the production of serotonin and endorphins to make you feel better

The results of the Detox Program

Increase the energy and stamina

Immune system boost

Faster reactions, better memory and concentration

Hormonal balance

Younger-looking skin


Detox Program

Intestines Detox – Removes infections through anti-bacterial/anti-parasite program without colonic irrigation – 1 month.

Healthy gastrointestinal tract program – Supports the whole gastrointestinal tract through removal of all of the infections. Introduction the right lacto-bifidobacteria to your gut – 1 month.

Liver Detox – Cleans and restores the cells in the liver – from 1 to 4 months.

Lymph Detox – Cleans the body on cellular level. Should be done several times per year, especially after medication therapy – 1 month.

Kidneys Detox – Helps to fight high or low blood pressure, urinary tracts infections, cleans and restores the cells of the membrane the kidneys  – 1 – 2 months

Healthy Blood and Heart program – Helps to restore heart’s health and get rid of blood problems, such as high cholesterol – 1 month

PH balance – Helps to reduce acidity, remove arthritis and other infections – 1 month

Immune system boost – Recommended if you catch cold easily or suffer from allergy

Endocrine system – Helps fight diabetes, thyroid problem, body weight gain and depression – 1 month

Central Nervous system detox – Helps to restore concentration, memory and healthy sleep – 1 month

All of the detox program are $95/month

One full year of detox programs $950/year with two easy payments of $475

What is included in the Detox Program:

60-minutes consultation $95

PDF Instructions On How To Do A Detox Program At Home – Value of $40

Nutrition Guides – Value of $40

Herbs And Supplements – Value of $60

Unlimited Access to Anonymous Online Support Group for 1 year – Value of $40/month

Unlimited Email Support for 1 year – Value of $40/month

Access to Irina’s Weekly Office Hours Phone Calls up to 5 times a week – Value of $500/month

How to enroll in the Detox Program:

Simply choose a detox program (1-month or 1-year program) here. You will then need to pay with your credit card, paypal or e-transfer. Once your program is paid for, you will receive an email with the receipt for the payment, the new patient paperwork, the materials and the instructions on the detox program.

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